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“Dear Larry,
Thank you so much for doing the repair on our leader box. We are sure it will do the trick and stop the water damage we are seeing below on our kitchen ceiling. We certainly did not expect you do this without being paid for it. We hope you realize that we recommend you because you are the best there is, and not in the expectation of any favors in return! We appreciate your prompt attention to this and, of course, your gift!”
Maurer and Maurer Architects
January 24, 2007

“Dear Fred,
Thank you for your usual quick courteous response to my call last week regarding my roof. During the years I have dealt with your company Premier Roofing Company, I have found “I am in Good Hands". You and your staff are efficient thorough and neat. After completing the roofing job regardless how large or small the work area is it cleaned up and there is nothing to do. But thank you all! and wish you a good day!

“P.S. Incidentally your office staff is also great. Good Customer Service.”