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Premier Roofing Company Inc offers a variety of roofing services, including installation and repairs. No matter what the size of your home or business, we offer roofing services to meet your needs. There are numerous types of materials available for roofing, from coal to tar, with many different types of membranes to ensure that your roof is weatherproof and waterproof. When you require roofing services, we come to your location to determine the best type of roofing to use. Each roof is customized to meet the needs of your building. Typically, we use a built-up roofing system, which is a multi-layered system made of high-quality materials. This system is very durable, stands the test of time as it is designed to endure harsh weather and climates year-round. Let us install a new roof for you. Contact us in New York, NY, to request a service today.

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